Learn Python Quickly

Learn Python Quickly: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning Python, Even If You’re New to Programming by Code Quickly

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Learn Python Quickly is a new (and exceptionally handily accomplished) beginner’s guide to Python by a well-accomplished master in the field. Learn Python Quickly takes a fresh, well-paced approach to provide a fast route to getting up to speed with Python.

Combined with superb examples, a bright and articulate writing style and hands-on instruction, this guide will bring anyone up to speed quickly in this ever-popular programming language.
Learn Python Quickly could not be more well structured. Building along the right steps with gradually increasing difficulty both in practice and in theory, one can veritably feel the awareness sinking in as you grow in confidence. Interspersed examples substantiate the description and cement the understanding. Thankfully leaving installation and configuration to the well-proliferated online space, LPQ avoids dealing with any specific environment. It provides just enough guidance to illuminate and then to direct to the proper sources for more in-depth investigation. This is especially true as you move into more advanced concepts where it becomes clear that only so much can be accomplished in a ‘quick start’ guide. However, the author seeks to at least introduce and provide context, so you gain awareness and are pointed in the right direction for progressing further down that path. The reader comes away knowing both what he or she has an awareness of, as well as why one would want to know more and where to go to find out. This is a strong and proper approach. This is particularly well demonstrated in giving pointers to a variety of ‘Useful Libraries’. Rather than going down a variety of rabbit holes (that evolve too fast to stay current) or causing the guide to fall into limited applicability to a narrow sector of practice. This guide remains broad Python-based and incents the user to find their own direction based on their growing awareness.

Learn Python Quickly has one of the best capsule explanations (through concrete demonstration) of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) that I have encountered. Exceptionally well articulated and delivered.
The examples mentioned provide an excellent opportunity for short play. Sessions and structure break the ‘lessons’ into easily digestible nuggets that help you to know that you are moving along and also able to retain the aspects of the immediate study. Build, step, build.
The volume is up to date as one can be in this ever-changing world and programming environment. This is reflected in the pointers more information as well as catching the ever-changing trends in the Python space.

The final section of the guide puts the learning to work and cements the lessons with a series of hands-on applied projects. The project reinforces the value of having learned the various concepts taught. This follows an excellent teaching practice. It further demonstrates why I would highly recommend this book and recommend it for use by any of my own students in their Python pursuits.

Learn Python Quickly just the right length, just the right pace and structured in a way that you can step away and come back and make the progression fit your own specific learning style and needs. It does exactly what it says on the tin and does it with aplomb.

This guide is applicable and useful for both beginners to programming, as well as experienced programmers who need a quick transition guide to Python.

This review is based on an advanced Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

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