Review of Armageddon: Book 8 of the Kirov Saga

Armageddon (Kirov Saga, #8)

Armageddon by John Schettler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Well. Having finished the 8th book in the series I noted another review feeling that the saga has been drawn out too far. In fairness, to my own enjoyment, I feel obliged to reflect briefly on my own concurrent journey with the series.

After the fourth volume, I was drawn by sheer respect, to give a very strong thumbs up for what was a unique twist novel that reaffirmed my enjoyment of the tale thus far. After the eighth, I will admit that this ‘bridge’ novel was not quite as much of a switch up as the 4th. However, it is an equally appealing read and as an integral part of the series, the saga continues to really keep me engaged, entertained and drawn to the next read.

In this novel, there is some foreshadowing that clearly builds a framework for a wider extension of the broader tale, but in itself, this novel spends some time clarifying the time travel premise of the Kirov saga and casting a few unique and threads for this particular storyline. The characters stay true to themselves and to the wider story arc, treat us to continuing evidence of the author’s historical research and equally penetrating sense of what if.

I look forward to continuing along the path with some favoured characters and seeing where the tale unfolds.

The detail is kept tight to the story and Schettler is very adept and bouncing back and forth between subplots and blending the real with realistic alternate history. He creates a tense but evocative atmosphere, populated by unique and three-dimensional characters following discernably well-spun tales of an alternate but plausible past/present/future.

I remain drawn to see where Schettler takes us next and remain deadly impressed by the narrative journey thus far.

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