Report on From the Holy Mountain

by William Dalrymple

Thanks for a great evening and discussion last Wednesday. We missed you Fergal.
I thought it a very fruitful discussion with quite a spread of opinions. Admittedly we also had readers at various stages of working through the book. It will be interesting to see who finishes it that had not and whether that alters any of the opinions expressed. I admitted that personally, I was more fond of his more recent work and that I found From the Holy Mountain a little stitched together, although did enjoy reading it. Apologies for not reporting back sooner. Been keeping rather busy and am writing this from my hotel room in Umeå in a very wintry northern Sweden.
I did, however, want to get the doodle going for this month and to also re-reference the chosen read for this month:
Prester John by John Buchan. An undeniable classic.

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