Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson

Bey­ond Bul­let Points by Cliff Atkin­son adopts a hol­istic approach to mak­ing present­a­tions using Power­Point as a frame­work. This is a focussed and well con­sidered present­a­tion in itself look­ing to the psy­cho­lo­gical factors that impact on the effect­ive­ness of com­mu­nic­a­tion con­sid­er­ing the key mes­sage and the appar­atus that will sup­port optimal uptake by your audi­ence. In its 3rd edi­tion, Atkinson’s book is enga­ging without being over­whelm­ing and walks the a reader through a feel sup­por­ted approach that lends itself to imme­di­ate application.

Here’s what I really like about the book:

  • It’s very con­cise and offers sup­port for a focussed frame­work — it takes the reader through a pro­cess illus­trat­ing with examples where neces­sary to sub­stan­ti­ate the value of work­ing with digest­ible bits of info and provid­ing con­stant feedback;
  • It is well illus­trated and quite appro­pri­ately illus­trated which makes this a fresh read;
  • It is quite easy to imple­ment this same pro­cess using any present­a­tion soft­ware — it’s not tied to Power­Point and does take an approach of con­sid­er­ing the role of the soft­ware as opposed to provide a guide to using power­point more effectively;
I highly recom­mend this book and also to take it on board, spend the time thought­fully con­sid­er­ing it and the ways it can be applied to your present­a­tions. It is a great value and the sug­ges­tions can be applied on piece meal basis and see imme­di­ate return.

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