iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue 5th Edition

This is one mighty manual! There’s certainly nothing missing from this one. iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue is the gold standard for iPhone users. I decided to take a look at this one principally to make sure I know what I need to about PhotoStream and some of the new iOS 5 features. Colour me impressed. This book is far more really than one could hope for. Now in its Fifth iteration, this is the manual brought up to date for iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. It is the most comprehensive and reference source available for new and existing users of iPhones from the 3gs onward.

It’s all here. This offers out of the box first time users with hemp getting setup and getting their new iPhone configured to suit their needs. It offers seasoned users with detailed and comprehensive instruction on particular aspects that they might want to know more about or run into issues with. I find myself in a third group, considering myself a more seasoned user of the iPhone with no particular problems or concerns, but a general interest. To my surprise, there were all sorts of handy tips and hints that I simply had no idea about. These are the sort of things that Apple doesn’t seem to publicize or really make forefront as part of the interface. For example, I had no idea about the wealth of assitive technologies that Apple have now incorporated into iOS5. I have already enabled speak aloud which voices the words that the iPhone suggests as replacements when typing. This is a handy thing for me. I did try reversing the type for curiosity and even enabled Voiceover, but these were more novelty – but the point being I simply had no idea and Pogue’s intense coverage of all the features of the iPhone and iOS5 brought them to light.

There’s definitely something in here for everyone. The treatment is quite readable and because there is just so much useful information I found myself compelled to read this one. Hints are clearly marked in callouts so that you can scan for them. The volume is well illustrated and screen shots provide thorough and easy to follow directions.

This is the manual for all users and will be both welcome and valuable for users novice and expert alike. I would highly recommend this for any iPhone user and think it is a superb investment.


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