DIY Bookbinding by Brian Sawyer

diy bookbinding.gifWhat a great excur­sion down a won­der­ful pro­ject! A lovely, short, step-by-step brief, DIY Book­bind­ing by Brian Saw­yer inspires the reader to attempt their own book­bind­ing pro­ject. Although only 32 pages in length, the author makes the pro­cess of bind­ing together a col­lec­tion of magazines into a dur­able hard­cover tome quite approach­able and achievable.

I was inter­ested in read­ing this book if only to appre­ci­ate the mech­an­ics of book­bind­ing and I was very sat­is­fied with the depth of cov­er­age and for simple interest this volume deliv­ers. Its a great pro­ject and with clear instruc­tions and heav­ily illus­tra­tions, this is a recom­men­ded read for all.

There have been a few other quick reviews of this book and it isn’t sur­pris­ing given a seem­ingly lat­ent interest, espe­cially among those in the eBook space, con­sid­er­ing, and being con­scious of mater­i­al­ity of the bound volume. I myself con­tinue to find myself between the two worlds. When I was head­ing off on vaca­tion I imme­di­ately stored a good lib­rary of elec­tronic books on my iPad, but also made sure to have a few prin­ted volumes packed in the suit­case. Nice to be in both worlds and still ambi­val­ent. I find ref­er­ence volumes to be optimal on the elec­tronic plat­form and quite eas­ily sit there and are supremely access­ible. On the other hand, for leis­ure read­ing, I am still pos­sibly more com­fort­able with the cover and pages in my hand. As far as main­stream news­me­dia and magazines, I am hap­pily at home on the iPad, quite pos­sibly because of a per­ceived resource waste for short-lives materials.


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