Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac by Joe Kissell

mac.gif Take Con­trol of Main­tain­ing Your Mac provides a series of steps and activ­it­ies that can done on a peri­odic basis to pre­vent slow­down and/or crashes of your OSX based com­puter. The book lives up to its prom­ise of provid­ing a clear, con­cise and straight­for­ward approach that explains why to carry out par­tic­u­lar routines, what their impact is and assembles these into pro­grammes to be car­ried out on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. The book is brief, but con­cise and provides copi­ous ref­er­ences for fur­ther explan­a­tion or dis­cus­sion along with links to applic­a­tions to auto­mated most of the processes.

The tar­get audi­ence for this volume would be indi­vidu­als new to OSX and the Mac look­ing for a smooth and secure com­put­ing rela­tion­ship. This is the second edi­tion of the book and it is cur­rent as of writ­ing. The advice is sound and prudent and where the author senses that there might be some room for debate he soli­cits advice from oth­ers and shares their com­ments. I would recom­mend this volume to novice users. As the author states, he has authored sim­ilar volumes on troubleshoot­ing and on optim­ising OSX and more advanced users might well be dir­ec­ted towards these. All of the volumes are short and dir­ec­ted towards the spe­cific stated intent. They are priced accord­ingly and would well form a fine bundle priced at three for the price of two.


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