Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac by Joe Kissell

mac.gif Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac provides a series of steps and activities that can done on a periodic basis to prevent slowdown and/or crashes of your OSX based computer. The book lives up to its promise of providing a clear, concise and straightforward approach that explains why to carry out particular routines, what their impact is and assembles these into programmes to be carried out on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. The book is brief, but concise and provides copious references for further explanation or discussion along with links to applications to automated most of the processes.

The target audience for this volume would be individuals new to OSX and the Mac looking for a smooth and secure computing relationship. This is the second edition of the book and it is current as of writing. The advice is sound and prudent and where the author senses that there might be some room for debate he solicits advice from others and shares their comments. I would recommend this volume to novice users. As the author states, he has authored similar volumes on troubleshooting and on optimising OSX and more advanced users might well be directed towards these. All of the volumes are short and directed towards the specific stated intent. They are priced accordingly and would well form a fine bundle priced at three for the price of two.


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