Book of CSS3 by Peter Gasston

CSS3.gifThis book is just chock full of goodness. Not only does the Book of CSS3 by Peter Gasston provide a thoughtful introduction to the latest and greatest power of CSS3 (the history and background of which is covered superbly), it offers clear, thorough and well illustrated examples built on tips, tricks and real world experience.

This book is aimed at those with some experience with CSS in general but does not demand an in-depth knowledge. It jumps in and demonstrates by doing and provides a logical path through the various facets of CSS3.


The material covered in the book is extensive and thorough and moves with a logical progression allowing this (unlike some more reference oriented pieces) to be passed through linearly. It also contains an elabourative table of contents retaining its use as a solid reference source.

The section on the Future of CSS is of particular note, wherein the author explores some of the emerging directions and areas of interest for the next go around of CSS even including a short discussion of how haptics may well be integrated into CSS. Quite fascinating and certainly new to me.

Gasston provides a useful browser compatibility cart with extensive granularity detailing where CSS3 currently works and where web developers may run into cross-browser issues. This is a great reference tool. Additionally extensive links are provided to online resources that will provide the most current information about compatibility and experience with CSS3.

I would highly recommend this volume for those working beyond off the shelf web tools and desiring to harnessing the new abilities present in CSS3.


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