A Fascinating Constellation

visualisation.gifThis constellation of researchers working in overlapping fields of knowledge, information, software and data visualization is a great jumping off spot. Visual-Literacy.org is a collective course spanning several institutions and involving a number of leaders in the field of visualisation. Sounds rather cool. As part of their prospectus they have constructed ‘maps’ of the visualisation constellation as geo-spatial map, periodic table, and a syllogism. This is a real practise/preach exercise and a wonderful overview of the wide range of activities in this field and their inter-relations. The periodic table is particularly impressive. Hover will popup a graphical representation of the technique noted. The syllogism makes a lot of sense. The periodic table must be complimented for the breadth of information conveyed and the attempt to systematize the volume. The table itself is a bit of a challenge to use and the metaphor of periodic table questionable, but a pointer in an interesting direction.

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