When a Good Pad gets Better

ipad2 manual.gifSure enough O’Reilly have introduced a new version of their iPad: The Missing Manual series, aptly named iPad2: The Missing Manual. Like all Missing Manual series, content is at the overview level attempting to cover the complete range of questions a new user might have of a particular technology. The book has all the good stuff when it comes to troubleshooting though and this is a particularly good missing manual.

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A Case for the iPad

jivoCase.jpgI haven’t spoken much of cool adds-on the my gadgets, but with the raft of new cases announced for the iPad2, I wanted to mention what I think is one of the finest cases I have ever had for a piece of electronic gear. In serach for the best case for my iPad, I started with the requisite Apple rubberised case. For the €29 it was actually not a bad piece. It protects the nice shiny object of affection, has a light flip cover and also a bit of a stand. It wasn’t that bad, but to add a touch of class i picked up a Cygnett Lavish leather case. Again it is not a bad case. This one set me back €39 and is fine soft black leather. There is no stand function and the clasp is a magnetic one. Continue reading

App Savvy by Ken Yarmosh

appSavvy.gifEverybody’s doing it. They are sitting on that great idea for a next amazing application. The first lesson that Yarmosh empahsises in App Savvy is that your ‘app idea must be more than just an idea.’ The amazing rate of adoption of iOS-based appliances and the confluence of the effective marketing tool that is the appStore have created a new business model. One that allows for amazing exposure, huge first mover advantage and extremely low barriers to entry. One of the biggest challenges beyond actually creating the application is understanding the labyrinth that is getting it added to the store. Thankfully this book addresses this challenge and provides much much more. This is *the* textbook for iApp development. However, this book is not dealing with iOS coding, but instead with the larger process. It rises above the process of building the application and addresses the entire development process through building to delivery – moving from conceptualisation to realisation.

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Best iPad Apps by Peter Myers

bestiPadApps.gifOk. First blush reaction to the latest O’Reilly Press title “Best iPad Apps” was that it although timely it would quickly grow dated and the premise seemed best suited to a periodical magazine or website than a book. But…I was prepared to be convinced that the editors at O’Reilly had made a correct and in fact bold move with this title. The premise of the book is to excite users about the amazing things they can do with their new iPad by identifying the best apps available to take advantage of the revolutionary device.

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