The Europeana Data Exchange Agreement and Irish Cultural Institutions

I had the privilege of chairing a symposium organized by the Irish Manuscript Commission which invited participants from a variety of Irish cultural institutions to discuss issues arising from the new Europeana Data Exchange Agreement. Presentations from Jill Cousins, Director of Europeana and her colleagues, Georgia Angelaki, Paul Keller and Lucie Guibault sought to bring […]

Data Analysis with Open Source Tools

Data Analysis with Open Source Tools by Philipp K Janert is a simply superb, solid and exhaustive synthesis of instruction, workshops and hands-on exercises designed for those serious about conducting professional data analysis. This is not a lightweight undertaking. This is a serious get-down-to-it and do-it-right kind of manual. The author (as has been mentioned […]

The Art of Community by Jono Bacon

In The Art of Community, Jono Bacon tackles the task of explaining how to attract, build and maintain productive collaborative online communities. Bacon has had impressive credentials to author such a book and draws from his experience skillfully. With over ten years experience in the open source community he has the hands-on experience with initiatives […]

Feel the Pinch

I make quick note of the announcement of Nokia’s new Haptikos technology previewed at the Red Ferret Journal. The technology takes the touch screen that we all know (and love ;-)) and coordinates audible and tactile feedback that allows for simulation of screen keytaps. The comparison with the iPhone’s multitouch is obvious, but one cannot […]

Eyes and Ears on Site

Information Aesthetics, a consistently clickable and notable blog, has Fernanda Viégas reporting back from the InfoVis Conference in Sacremento this week. She has posted a geat summary of the keynote address by Matthew Ericson. Brent Fitzgerald blogged yesterday about the panel that he, Fernanda, Martin Wattenberg and Hans Rosling are presenting as well. Taking a […]