Report on a Shrinking Violet: A Field Guide to Shyness

As always a great discussion and a book well considered. Thanks to those who thoughtfully provided their reviews in advance. Mike did the leg work clearly and there was general agreement with his assessment. Adding to Mike’s quite comprehensive and thoughtful treatise: All attending completed the book and agreed that the quality of prose was […]

The Gentleman’s Book Club Reads

The Gentleman’s Book Club was inaugurated in April 2011 following late night deliberations during the count for the General Election of that year. After some discussion we settled on meeting in Smyth’s pub to share our thoughts on our first read. The location has remained our favoured haunt although we have on occasion strayed. Our numbers have remained constant […]

Report on I’m Your Man

by Sylvie Simmons The biggest challenge in reviewing the book was in separating the author’s work from the life being recounted and it was especially hard as we remembered the man. The recommendation could of course have not been more timely and I for one certainly am glad for having read it at this time […]

Report on the Killing Floor

by Lee Childs Last night’s symposium shed little light on Mr Reacher. In fairness, it was chosen as a lighter read to follow the highly appreciated but magnitudinally-challenging biography of Hamilton. In that light I think it passed the bar – although lighter it was also definitely darker. I think the consensus was that it […]