Embracing Complexity. Craving Simplicity

More a caution than a critique, I was fascinated and left to ponder Peter Liu’s time-based spatially informed map presented in the MapBox Blog this week. I think that the concept is absolutely sound and the implementation is skilful, thoughtful and very efficient. It’s an impressive conceptualisation of how to rethink data representation for a […]

Challenging the Spatial Historian

I have great respect for the Programming Historian, a collaborative and evolving collection of tutorials and hands-on guides to inspire and guide practitioners in the art of doing digital history. The site does’t sugarcoat the one critical aspect of doing digital history: it requires dedication to learn and to carry out the programmatic end. It’s hard work. […]

Matt’s Wobbly Journey

Today’s gadget du jour is the Royaltek RGM-3800 GPS Receiver and Datalogger. I have long wanted to experiment with one of these and today one arrived in the post from the UK. It’s a small ticket item (€50), but after a short test here I am very, very impressed. A GPS datalogger is just like […]

Downright Useful GPS

The HKL Helsinki’s Public Transit has a moving, real time map of bus locations available via their website. Now that’s what the public wants to know. Where is my bus? Why its right there. That’s what real time GPS reporting is for. I love this. You can even click on the bus icon/number and choose […]

Realtime Mashup

This one could also be called…another great time waster…but it is well done. FlickrVision uses streaming photo posts from Flickr that have locational references. It displays geo-referenced popups of the images as they are posted to Flickr. Hovering over a popup will display a large image of that photo for appreciation. If you are looking […]

Something New

Am trying out the Plazes service. I am still plugging away with it, but from what I can share, it has found me and I am here: Download Flash plugin There you go. Have embedded same in my header, but like all the little baubles and doodads I have overloaded the header a bit. I […]

Pulling Places from the Pages

One of the software engineers at Google Book Search has posted examples from his group’s experience in creating their own mashups. They created mashups from the places mentioned in particular books. As he states, he moved to New York and was in the gradual phase of getting his bearings and made a connection between what […]

Geotagging Just Keeps on Getting Better

The release of Google Earth 4.0 features the addition of Panoramio to their georeference layer. I was using a competing product for geotagging, but the seamless flow between Google Earth and Panoramio intrigued me. After tagging a few pictures in the product, I am reminded of the fun. This is one more wonderful time sink, […]