Info Architecture

Using Onodo to Learn Network Analysis and Visualisation

During our seminar on Network Analysis and Visualisation in DH6010/6019 this past semester as a group we enjoyed a case study involving network analysis of the Star Wars characters presented by Evelina Gabasova ( She does a superb job of combining analysis, explaining her methodology, deriving some fascinating deductions – all with a fun cinematically familiar network. The familiarity […]

Using Slack for Learning Engagement

Slack is a collaborative commercial messaging platform. It seamlessly organises communications and encourages informal discussions beyond the use of email or rigid discussion forums. Slack’s approach is characterised by the use of themed discussion channels that group users and subjects by content and encourage free interaction. In an educational context, I have deployed slack to extend seminar discussions, […]

The Europeana Data Exchange Agreement and Irish Cultural Institutions

I had the privilege of chairing a symposium organized by the Irish Manuscript Commission which invited participants from a variety of Irish cultural institutions to discuss issues arising from the new Europeana Data Exchange Agreement. Presentations from Jill Cousins, Director of Europeana and her colleagues, Georgia Angelaki, Paul Keller and Lucie Guibault sought to bring […]

Information Diet by Clay Johnson

The premise of the Information Diet by Clay Johnson is: ‘What if we started managing our information consumption like we managed our food consumption?’ And so it begins. This is a fascinating book framed as an open discussion in which Johnson carries along this metaphor of information intake being likened to nutritional sustenance. The initial […]

Big Data Glossary by Pete Warden

The *Big* Data Glossary is actually a relatively *short* book, best enjoyed as an eBook in my estimation. This volume is similar to a number of recent releases from O’Reilly that have moved from being deep and comprehensive to providing a higher-level taste-test overview from a more conceptual standpoint. In this instance, the Big Data […]

DIY Bookbinding by Brian Sawyer

What a great excursion down a wonderful project! A lovely, short, step-by-step brief, DIY Bookbinding by Brian Sawyer inspires the reader to attempt their own bookbinding project. Although only 32 pages in length, the author makes the process of binding together a collection of magazines into a durable hardcover tome quite approachable and achievable.

infostripe: Rich Barcodes for Your Online Self

I was intrigued by an offhand reference to a ‘neat new service’ and consequently poked into infostripe. It’s a consolidated touchpoint for sharing your social media participation and identities in a compact and dynamic manner. Similar to some extent to, it draws upon a certain amount of your digital narcissism. The biggest difference between […]

R Recipes: A Cookbook For Data Analysis and Visualisation

The R Cookbook by Paul Teetor is a solid addition to the well respected series. Teetor provides a rich collection of useful examples written in the proven method and covering everything from installing, configuring and running R to carrying out sophisticated statistical analysis tasks that demonstrate the power of R. The book is targeted at […]