The Gentleman’s Book Club Reads

The Gentleman’s Book Club was inaugurated in April 2011 following late night deliberations during the count for the General Election of that year. After some discussion we settled on meeting in Smyth’s pub to share our thoughts on our first read. The location has remained our favoured haunt although we have on occasion strayed. Our numbers have remained constant […]

Playing with Hexagons in Northern Ireland

[Cross Posted from QUBDH] So what about those hexagons? They were all the rage during the UK General Election last year – the BBC actually constructed a physical jigsaw in their atrium out of them. At the time I mused on there usefulness for providing a pseudo-spatial representation of return data. At the time I was largely […]

Life with a Chromebook

I am always looking for ways of accomplishing day-to-day tasks more efficiently or effectively and the latest foray has been living with a Google ChromeBook. I am now 30 days with a shiny HP Chromebook 11. At £189 via Curry’s it doesn’t break the bank and, in fact, certainly promised more potential return. My ChromeBook is […]


I am not quite certain where from my curiosity with the MOOC concept springs, but I seem to find myself spending much time lately considering their strengths and weaknesses. A recent article in Boston’s Globe exploring the serious resources that Harvard is committing to refine the concept caught my attention. It builds exquisitely on last week’s discussion around Dr Dominic Bryan’s […]

The Analogue Save Button

I posted a very quick twit pic on Sunday of geometric shapes inscribed onto vellum with 4H/2H lead. I was basking in some healthy non-digital therapy. I haven’t done any technical drawing in decades. Re-engaging with the putting of lead to paper was just as I hoped: it removed an intermediary from the process and simply […]

The Science of Fun

Review a book on Lego? Seriously? Not that I would make a secret of my continuing fascination with those funky little pieces of plastic and all that you can do with them, but I am constantly amazed by the vast ecosystem that surrounds this Danish wonder. I use the term wonder quite deliberately…it is wonderment, […]