The Analogue Save Button

I posted a very quick twit pic on Sunday of geometric shapes inscribed onto vellum with 4H/2H lead. I was basking in some healthy non-digital therapy. I haven’t done any technical drawing in decades. Re-engaging with the putting of lead to paper was just as I hoped: it removed an intermediary from the process and simply […]

München Musings

Atzinger Gästhaus – 12 December 2007 – 14:00 I happened across some notes I jotted down while enjoying some wonderful pork stew at this little restaurant. Munich is rather wet this year. It is a bit of a dampener – literally. The thing about this place though is the wonderful bustle. There’s people out and […]

Shiode on Dynamic Urban Visualization

Naru Shiode from the University at Buffalo gave a spellbinding presentation on spatial-temporal analysis at the Centre for Spatial Analysis (CSpA) on Friday. Shiode is trained as architect and urban planner and finds himself in the Geography department at Buffalo. He has been associated with projects such as Digital Egypt and the Virtual Ryoanji projects […]

A Distracting Pendulum?

From the realm of ‘too far fetched’ to be believed comes word that members of the UX, a shadowy underground organisation, have been cleared of charges in their daring, but clandestine operation to restore an antique clock at the Patheon in Paris. According to UrbanResources, the UnterGunther is “Swiss-French urban explorers team whose activity is […]

The Series is Over. Long Live the Digital Model!

Those clever folks at the IATH at the University of Virginia are receiving much deserved accolades for their truly breathtaking digital model of ancient Rome. Rome Reborn 1.0 (and accompanying website) are visually stunning and the mainstream media are covering this with great detail. Billed as the largest digital model of an historic city ever […]