Embracing Complexity. Craving Simplicity

More a caution than a critique, I was fascinated and left to ponder Peter Liu’s time-based spatially informed map presented in the MapBox Blog this week. I think that the concept is absolutely sound and the implementation is skilful, thoughtful and very efficient. It’s an impressive conceptualisation of how to rethink data representation for a […]

Capture: Deep Theory Well Executed

Capture by Rand, Broughton and Quintenz-Fiedler is an opulent manual that plumbs the depths of photographic theory, presenting it with clarity and extends the traditional analogue into the digital discussing the aspects that make working digital unique. This is a principle-based approach that posits that full appreciation of the theory can lead to free and […]

Irish Monks Go Digital

Years ago, when my Picture 3.png creative juices were sought a middle ground between a clear systematic approach and yearning to find break out of these same systems, I discovered the work of George and Iain Bain . – father and son. … While I may have toyed with the idea of putting little knots into a font (in my font design days) I don’t think I thought of taking the Bain system and assembling a font that could be used to create patterns using individual letters as the building blocks. … This is not a criticism of the tool itself (I think it is brilliant and applaud the systematic devising of pattern that went into it), merely a reflection on the nature of the process and of when the tool subtracts from the end result.

Digging Digg

I hadn’t been to the Digg Labs area in a while. Wow. They have a wonderful assortment of story and author visualization tools available there that are both mesmerizing and thought provoking. Navel gazing is a wonderful past-time and methinks that Digg is making a concerted effort at perfecting the art. I am particularly attracted […]

Physical versus Virtual Environments

Bill Turkel posted another great thought piece today on the Importance of Infrastructure. This post is, as his others always are, very erudite, well phrased and provoke one to think. In this case, his framing question seems to be whether one can really environmentally engineer innovation. His post suggests that letting the right people play […]

How Does Taste Look?

Information Aesthetics points to a great background article on the visual representation of taste in Ratatouille (a movie I absolutely recommend – great story, superb animation). I watched these sequences and didn’t think much about them – but what a great question : how can one visually demonstrate the sensation of taste? Additionally, how do […]