Author: shawnday

Rediscovering a Taste for Irish Craft Beer

A hundred years ago small craft breweries dotted the Irish landscape. From village to town, frothy ales and robust stouts and porters offered taste, variety and crafted drinking experience. During the twentieth century, technology and industrialisation led to consolidation and turned beer from craft to a mass-produced commodity. The gradual change was less noticed by […]

Review of the Kaiser’s Pirates: Hunting Germany’s Raiding Cruisers in World War I

This is a superb read. It is well executed from the standpoint of the balance between recounting extensive research and engagement with a thrilling narrative. Hewitt covers ground that has been well covered before. Between the days leading up to the outbreak of World War One and the subsequent twelve months, a collection of often […]

Reporting on 12 Lessons for Life

I think that the rather stratified opinions regarding our read this month: 12 Lessons for Life we well captured by the two generous reviews provided by absent members. Thanks for those. The reactions to Peterson were mixed. Enticed by a rather intriguing interview on Channel 4, his latest work promised to be a controversial read […]

Reporting on Middlesex

Thanks in advance for the three reviews from away. Much appreciated and very thorough and well expressed. I speak to the additional comments rendered tonight by a solid 5 members. The overwhelming impression in both advance and at the meet was to the length of Middlesex. This is not a novella nor a short read. […]

Theo Aronson’s Queen Victoria and the Bonapartes

Theo Aronson’s latest work, Queen Victoria and the Bonapartes, explores the personal relationships between Queen Victoria, Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie of France. It opens a wide window on a colourful and somewhat surprising series of encounters between monarchs that influenced relations and perceptions of each other in the eyes of the public. The Second […]