Review of Empire of Ants

Empire of Ants: The Hidden World and Extraordinary Lives of Earth’s Tiny Conquerors by Susanne Foitzik and Olaf Fritsche

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An absolutely spellbinding read on what seems to be everything you could want to know about ants and antlife. In a constant bevy of ‘who knew’ and ‘who would have thought’ you will want to read on and digest the great morsels that Foitzik and Fritsche serve up. Their passion for the study of ants drives this most remarkable volume. I am so glad to have somehow stumbled on it and couldn’t recommend it enough!

The particularly engaging conversational style makes Empire of Ants so approachable and so full of the most fascinating aspects. This is life science presented in one of the most readable and enjoyable volumes I have experienced in a long time. Would certainly hope to hold the authors to the promise of a subsequent follow-up volume.

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