Review of Frozen Orbit

Frozen Orbit by Patrick Chiles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An enjoyable and thought-provoking romp through a universe only slightly temporally beyond where we find ourselves. A complementary read for those enjoying Apple’s For All Mankind. Similar to the TV show, the USSR has managed to send manned space discovery well beyond the moon and the edges of our known solar system. However, mystery surrounds the eventual outcome of the mission. In the not too distant future, the US sends a deep space team to investigate, and the tale plays out on many levels in a well-told mystery novel that explores life, meaning, and humanity as we know it.
Chiles presents a thoroughly believable, rich, and engaging imagining of what might be found, how humans might react, and the emotional limitations of our conception of reality.

Frozen Orbit is not a fast-paced thriller but more of an intellectual provocation that tells a measured story, gradually revealing and patiently explaining the basis of what is transpiring. It keeps you gripped, makes you think – entertaining and enlightening.

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