Review of the Architecture of Happiness

The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pure indulgent treat.

The Architecture of Happiness explores the connection between the constructed world and the human emotions that it evokes—this no small challenge and has occupied various professions and professionals for centuries. The author repeatedly apologises for his humble attempt (self-deprecating) and past efforts. Yet, Alain de Botton succeeds in constructing a profoundly thoughtful and compelling narrative that challenges the reader to draw their conclusions and inspirations.
Expressions are crafted with such precision and lyricism that this verges on a profoundly philosophical poetic recitation. Yet, like the architecture that seeks to represent our ideals and inspires us, this work lifts our eyes and mind to appreciate the psychology of how we relate to our surroundings and how we endow them with an and extrapersonal presence.
The author draws from classical and contemporary sources, augments these with a superbly curated visual collection, and continually inspires and challenges the reader. As a reader, one savours each sentence. The construction, word choice, and provocation are mesmerising and delectable.

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