Review of French Like Moi: A Midwesterner in Paris

French Like Moi: A Midwesterner in Paris by Scott Dominic Carpenter

This is a wonderful little collection of essays written as a cross between Mayle’s A Year in Provence and Clarke’s A Year in the Merde. It’s an enjoyable short read – similar as well to A Piano Shop on the Left Bank. I am also suddenly starting to suspect that I read much in this similar vein.
I found ysef a little confused at times as to whether our her was popping over to Paris for a sabbatical or putting down permanent roots – still not sure. Buying house for a sabbatical far beyond my means but maybe a prof from the Midwest comes with special resources. Nonetheless, he has a wry wit and manages to immerse himself in some situations that lend themselves to recounting – and he does so very well.
I’ll stop there, as have some funny thoughts that emerge from this one, I will part to simply say it is a short and enjoyable read that I would recommend.

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