A Virtual Craft Beer Festival

Well we do live in interesting times. So through some social mediated means I caught wind of the Craic Community’s VBF and am very glad I did. From 3pm to 8pm today 60+ people congregated via Zoom to interact with guest brewers and imbibe in 12 select brews. The technology cooperated and the all the right people showed up on the day. Much credit to the organiser – Brian Cahill. Logistically facilitated through BeerCloud and Liam Tutty the day was a total treat.

When I heard about it, I was in and ordered my box. This entitled me to participate and a few days later a box with the 12 beers and some additional treats arrived. CraicCommunity arranged registration and a Zoom invite arrived.

Brian Cahill in the Spotlight

Today with 15 minutes to spare there were 30 people online and ready to go. Over the next few hours we sampled the provided brews and were heartily entertained by interactive and increasingly frank and honest discussions with brewers from Kildare Brewing, Dead Centre Brewing, St Mels, 12 Acres, Wide Street, Western Herd and finally Heaney. What a great swath of individuals and what a unique time to capture their opinions, expectations and expectations.

I have to say I was absolutely delighted with new discoveries and renewed appreciation of the exceptional craft on offer by these exceptional brewers. Participants raised some insightful questions and the day just flew by.

This was a great way to spend the better part of the day and the virtual aspect really worked. Everyone was there and present. The discussion was fullsome (just like the beers) and the moderator did an amazing job of keeping things flowing and to time.

Absolutely brilliant. Now I have a totally reignited appreciation for these fine brewers. Who would thought that the virtual could actually work so well. It seriously did and in the spirit of the times we find ourselves this is one of the best affirmations of how well the digitally mediated can draw us together. Well done all and a superb day out.

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