Thoughts in Flight

The waves splash and crenellate the shore.

They create a boundary zone.

Seeking to reach inland, denied by the land.

The struggle between tenacious forces creates a spectacle of natural wonder.

The tapestry spreads below, beaches, rocks, fields, streams and gullies.

Flying over offers a privilege grounded by an unseen force that is one with nature.

The multilayered vista of billowy white floating on earthen shades.

River valleys trap the early morning mists and create billowy ribbons of silken haze.

The mist spills over the banks and envelopes the countryside, cleansing, purifying, gently embracing the sleeping countryside.

But not all is of nature.

Deliberate sinews of smoke plume the countryside like scars.

They emanate from the pockets of industry and stripe the land.

Beautiful for the multicoloured splendour that masks the toxic nature of their creeping insidiousness.

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