Report on the Killing Floor

by Lee Childs

Last night’s symposium shed little light on Mr Reacher. In fairness, it was chosen as a lighter read to follow the highly appreciated but magnitudinally-challenging biography of Hamilton. In that light I think it passed the bar – although lighter it was also definitely darker. I think the consensus was that it did not masquerade as higher literature, offer intricate plot or character development but it did end up delivering predictable entertainment.
As a group experience it sounds as though Joe is probably going to be the member with the most completed volumes under his belt as there was general agreement that this first one did not inspire anyone to consider sharing Jack Reacher’s further journeys.
I would add though personally that I am the higher outlier on this and felt that it is what it is and I might contemplate a second where I to need something that fill time and not strain my mental faculties.
The marks for the Killing Floor were: Mike: 4.5, Fergal: 5, Brian C: 5, Shawn: 6.5, Joe: 5.5 (imputed), Jim: 6, Brian M: ?.
Greater discussion followed a variety of other current events both personal and public.
The proposed reads for November were:
1. Song and Dance Man III – Michael Grey
2. Chronicles – Bob Dylan
3. I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen – Sylvie Simmons
4. I am a Strange Loop – Douglas Hofstaeder
5. Operation Thunderbolt – Saul David
6. Paper: Paging Through History – Mark Kurlansky

The voting resulted in I’m Your Man by Sylvie Simmons the resulting choice for the November read.

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