Month: April 2016

Incompetence, Irresponsibility and the Value of Data for Knowledge

In what appears to be a second Trinity-flavoured posting, I share my thoughts on a provocative talk and session at Dr Steeven’s Hospital this noontime. Dr Steeven’s in conjunction with the Edward Worth Library invited Prof Eunan O’Halpin of TCD History to speak to their 1916 commemoration programme. His talk: ‘Cherishing All the Nation’s Children Equally: Civilian […]

A New Beginning for Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin

A decade or so ago, I found myself live blogging academic talks and events (and being some weird exceptionalist on the fringe) – ’tis admittedly where I like to live. Over the years this has transmogrified itself into live tweeting from such events – snapping furtive pics and capturing pithy prose. This has become my […]

Using Slack for Learning Engagement

Slack is a collaborative commercial messaging platform. It seamlessly organises communications and encourages informal discussions beyond the use of email or rigid discussion forums. Slack’s approach is characterised by the use of themed discussion channels that group users and subjects by content and encourage free interaction. In an educational context, I have deployed slack to extend seminar discussions, […]