Report on the Confederacy of Dunces

by John Kennedy Toole

Reporting that Dunces, was generally not well received, with Brian and I being the minority – strange senses of humour methinks. Despite its odd humour, I think it was generally agreed that the characters were colourful and particularly well described – even if not well loved. I enjoyed the book personally, without developing any empathy for the characters, for being a story well told, and for a very extreme painting of the oft absurdity of life. ‘Twas a fine December read for me that I was able to lose myself in. The backstory of the author himself also intrigued me and has subsequently tempted me to read a further biography of the author. I thank Mike for the pick personally. The discussion of the book was submerged rather quickly by our bubbling anticipation to carry out the 2nd annual Euro-book-vision and so I will throw over to Fergal to report on that. Warmest thanks Fergal for all your meticulous prep and most officious administration. Superb fun and very much appreciated.

The book choice for January is ‘Autobiography of a Yogi‘ by Yogananda – my suggestion and I will accept full responsibility for what I expect to be a rather different read for us. I do hope that everyone finds something in it – an intriguing experiment.

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