Month: October 2014

Steady, Steady … Holding to a Prudent Course

Anxious to participate in the crowdsourced initiative to map out Ireland’s historical political and administrative boundaries, I have been carefully and steadily following the stages outlined by Dave Corley in “Mapping Irish Townlands”. As I mentioned last week he has provided superb resources and the project itself is to my mind a very noble one. I spoke […]

Report on Eyrie

by Tim Winton Well, a great discussion as always and some very thoughtful reflections not just on Eyrie, but on life in general and the state of the world. A small stalwart group but no holds barred when it comes to considering Eyrie or Fourth Revolution. Sorry to miss absent members, so contributions appreciated. Mike, […]

Challenging the Spatial Historian

I have great respect for the Programming Historian, a collaborative and evolving collection of tutorials and hands-on guides to inspire and guide practitioners in the art of doing digital history. The site does’t sugarcoat the one critical aspect of doing digital history: it requires dedication to learn and to carry out the programmatic end. It’s hard work. […]