Month: May 2014


I am not quite certain where from my curiosity with the MOOC concept springs, but I seem to find myself spending much time lately considering their strengths and weaknesses. A recent article in Boston’s Globe exploring the serious resources that Harvard is committing to refine the concept caught my attention. It builds exquisitely on last week’s discussion around Dr Dominic Bryan’s […]

Report on the Undertaking

by Audrey Magee Superb evening last Wednesday. I know I for one really appreciate the great discussion on the nature of ‘The Undertaking’ and all and sundry. There was not consensus on the book itself and that certainly is what gives us the fine discussion. As I made well known I did appreciate the book, […]

The Continuing MOOC Experience

I have been following (and quite enjoying) Dr Dominic Bryan’s FutureLearn course: Identity, Conflict and Public Space. It began last week and runs for the next six – as seems to be the typical MOOC norm. I have joined in (and only completed 1) of about 6 or seven different courses over the past two […]