Month: April 2014

The Analogue Save Button

I posted a very quick twit pic on Sunday of geometric shapes inscribed onto vellum with 4H/2H lead. I was basking in some healthy non-digital therapy. I haven’t done any technical drawing in decades. Re-engaging with the putting of lead to paper was just as I hoped: it removed an intermediary from the process and simply […]

Report on K2

by Damien O’Brien I perceived that the general consensus was very positive around the Ger O’Donnell book. Limited expressions of concern with its stylistics and varying degrees of details (with a tendency not to present as much about the actually experience of a climber save the excepts chosen by a non-climber) were carried by the story […]

Social Media as Classroom

Crossposted from Iridium’s Day of DH 2014 Last term I delivered a course entirely through social media. Well, I actually showed up in lecture hall one evening to announce that this was to be the case – so not entirely, but pretty close. The mode of delivery was necessitated by physical circumstances, but also seemed […]

Navigating Edgy Education in a Public Space

Crossposted from the Day of DH 2014 Blog. Dr Dominic Bryan, Director of the Institute for Irish Studies at Queen’s, is running an experimental course offering via FutureLearn a UK-based MOOC (that I will admit not being previously aware of). Bryan’s course is looking at: Identity, conflict and public space: contest and transformation. Although the nature of […]

Omeka in the Wild: Practicing What We Preach

Crossposted from Iridium Day of DH 2014. Over the past few years, in consultations with a wide variety of projects I have increasingly identified opportunities where Omeka would make an excellent platform for digital curation. However, aside from a few tentative ventures with it, and a few instances where myself of DHO colleagues were consulted […]