Month: March 2014

Wielding the Power of Data Visualisation

The rather innocuously titled ‘Visualising helps make sense of data‘ by Teresa Tocewicz crossed my radar this morning. It’s a short, succinct piece that doesn’t raise any contentious ides, instead reinforcing and reminding why and how we approach the visualisation of data in digital humanities scholarship. Online tools have made it easier than ever to […]

Report on Purple Hibiscus and Guards, Guards

by┬áChimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Sir Terry Pratchett Mixed feelings about Guards, Guards, some discussion around humour – rating 4-5 with one outlier at 7. Consensus on Purple Hibiscus, everyone liked it, with some discussion around the circumstances of Biafra and the Nigerian civil war. Questions about the fundamental character of her father and contradictions in […]