Python for Kids by Jason Briggs

pythinForKidsA fine little book. I was rather curious to be honest how one might approach teaching a programming language to children in this day and age. My curiosity stems from memories of attending Pascal workshops in the 1970s at the University of Waterloo a curious child myself. We eventually ended up playing text-based Star Trek on the black and white terminals…but boy it sure was cool to be at University in front on CRT’s where if any exposure we might have experienced punch cards. So where are we today? Well, this ‘Playful Introduction to Programming‘ offers a simple, straightforward and great intro to Python for all ages. In fact, I am quite reminded of the old workshops in Pascal. But then, the tried and true has been proven and in the case of this book refined. Continue reading

Raven and Cherith: A Must Visit

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 15.44.47I was thrilled to discover over the Christmas break that my niece has a shiny, new website showcasing her artistic talent. You’ll find it at Raven and Cherith. The uncle is verily impressed. It features many of Meaghan’s masterpieces and they are absolutely breathtaking. I do hope that you’ll visit and enjoy.

Report on Cloud Atlas

by David Mitchell

Thanks for a fine discussion last night. Attending: Mike, Pete, Joe and Shawn.

The general consensus seemed to be disappointment with the book chosen and varying degrees of appreciation. The statement (I think Mike’s) that it would not be a book that he would recommend to a friend, although enjoying at least two of the ‘stories’ in it sums things up. Continue reading