Month: January 2013

Python for Kids by Jason Briggs

A fine little book. I was rather curious to be honest how one might approach teaching a programming language to children in this day and age. My curiosity stems from memories of attending Pascal workshops in the 1970s at the University of Waterloo a curious child myself. We eventually ended up playing text-based Star Trek […]

Raven and Cherith: A Must Visit

I was thrilled to discover over the Christmas break that my niece has a shiny, new website showcasing her artistic talent. You’ll find it at Raven and Cherith. The uncle is verily impressed. It features many of Meaghan’s masterpieces and they are absolutely breathtaking. I do hope that you’ll visit and enjoy.

Report on Cloud Atlas

by David Mitchell Thanks for a fine discussion last night. Attending: Mike, Pete, Joe and Shawn. The general consensus seemed to be disappointment with the book chosen and varying degrees of appreciation. The statement (I think Mike’s) that it would not be a book that he would recommend to a friend, although enjoying at least […]