Fitness for Geeks by Bruce Perry

Having thoroughly enjoyed Cooking for Geeks (which I highly recommend), when I saw that a similarly novel approach to fitness was available I was all on board to enjoy this one as well. And…enjoy it I did. Bruce Perry’s approach in Fitness for Geeks is a comprehensive and quirky walk through a new way of imagining fitness. As the author quickly points out, things such as fitness, diets, ets are ejected from the discussion – not for lack of relevance but simply because they connote some popular distractions from the geeky approach proposed. The approach is unique…get into the mindset of the ‘geek’ (not the circus type ) and look at a different sort of approach to fitness and well-being. It is probably best summed up in the adage identified early on: if one is aware that they are observed or that the metrics are being compiled one intrinsically tends towards doing that little bit more, to keeping things within the bounds,or the like. Its a bit of a different approach indeed and for the geek in me I appreciated the new and novel ways that the author introduces to looking at taking care of self. Its not just abut the gadgets (of which there are many great ones recommended) but about a certain holistic approach that brings together a science and process.

This approach covers a wonderfully diverse series of topics and it’s not that the standard aspects of fitness that you would find elsewhere are dismissed – quite to opposite, they are brought together – the holistic approach as referenced – to appreciate how all pieces fit together. The arc of the books is not linear. I had a sense that you could jump in at any point and stay with the section and gain much as well. I did work through the book as a whole and enjoyed it immensely. The author has a great light and lyrical style. This probably rather unique in itself in the fitness area as things tend towards being rather didactic and perceived as so. It is the fun of engaging with this topic from this unique way that flavors the book. There are tidbits of things for everyone in this book and I am not quite sure who I would see it directed towards. I would recommend it to all and think that anyone that can approach fitness with a fresh and open mind will appreciate it. It is not trying to provide a programme by way of note, its more about planting thoughtful ideas in the mind that may take hold and inform your own approach to fitness and well-being. As the author states, ‘this is a book about fitness and nutrition for the independent of spirit and irrepressibly curious.’ I heartily agree.

A greatly enjoyable read. Highly recommended!

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