Using Mac OSX Lion Server by Charles Edge jr.

Using Mac OSX Lion Server is one of those lovely, handy O’Reilly over­view guides that take the place of manu­als not sup­plied with products. In this one the Charles Edge Jr. aims his guid­ance towards rel­at­ively new server admin­is­trat­ors — pos­sibly even someone set­ting up a fam­ily server — and cov­ers all the great basics of determ­in­ing what hard­ware and soft­ware needs you might have and how these might be served with OSX Lion Server. The 200 page volume (it is def­in­itely bey­ond a brief cover, but less than many of the exhas­ut­ive server admin manu­als you might be used to) cov­ers all the basic inform­a­tion and moves into some of the more spe­cial­ised func­tions you might put an OSX-based server to such as work­ing with stream­ing video or hand­ling the backend on some of the glossy OSX’y tools such as iCal, or the Address book.
I appre­ci­ate that the author moves bey­ond the basics that I’d see on the screen. As he admits, the soft­ware is really designed to be very user friendly itself and guide most users through the intra­cies of server man­age­ment, so much of the prose moves towards giv­ing atten­tion to the less than obviosu implic­a­tions of mak­ing vari­ous decisions — look­ing behind the scenes at what choice may lead to and how the decisions pull together. Quite valu­able and well presen­ted in my opin­ion.
The chal­lenge with all these version-based books is keep­ing them up to date. This is the first OSX server volume I have examined (and prob­ably should have moved in this dir­ec­tion long before now — espe­cially as we have a deployed XServe kick­ing around) and so I don’t have a feel for how this has tran­stioned from pos­sibly earlier volumes on Leo­pard or Snow Leo­pard. As it is, the screen shots are (as always) a great boon and the book is clear and straight­for­ward.
This is a recom­men­ded volume both for those called to upon to admin­is­ter an exst­ing OSX server or sim­il­arly use­ful even if at the point of con­sid­er­ing whether and OSX-based server will meet your needs. It is a superb ref­er­ence manual fore­most and spe­cific top­ics of interest are esy to loc­ate and help­ful in isolation.

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