Take Control of BBedit by Glenn Fleischman

Tibits Publishing’s latest Take Control volume provides a starter to power-user tour of Bare Bones Software’s BBedit. This short volume by Glenn Flesihman provides a concise, focused and well delivered guide to get the most out of BBedit – one of the most mature text editing environment available for OSX. The tone is direct, grounded in Flesihman’s deep personal experience with BBedit, is well illustrated and targeted exploration of three principal tasks: working with text, managing websites and using projects. The logical layout of the volume maeans it is helpful as  tutorial to gain immediate familiarity with BBedit, but also a solid reference source to be consulted when you need to do something specific.

I have long been a fan of BBedit much as the author of this volume. I have long thought though that I haven’t been using it to its potential. I much appreciated this book as it gave me new insight on using markdown, and how to more effectively use the very powerful document compare and manipulate functionality. The other big win for me is getting a better handle on the versioning control that BBedit offers. Fleishman offers, within a very compact and concise delivery, a volume packed full of valuable and immediately useful direction to maximize your use of BBedit.

It’s got all sorts of helpful tips throughout which have made the Take Control volumes so useful. Tasks are clearly identified and step by step discussions utilise a recipe approach to providing instruction in program fundamentals. The book covers all the main bases in the programme and after proceeding through it myself with a copy of BBedit open I feel I am far more aware of the more powerful aspects of BBedit and have a greater sense of how I may be able to use them myself for text manipulation. As I mentioned, I really like the tips provided and all the more so that many are dedicated to helping you work more efficiently with the programme.

This is a great book for novices and experts alike and is guaranteed to help you get more out of what is a crucial programme in the OSX arsenal.


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