Publishing with iBooks Author by McKesson and Witwer

Well, it is the first book to hit the market and clearly was prepared with pre-release software for the specific purpose of getting a book to the market. Ironic I suppose after writing that to realize that the book itself is about getting books to the market. Ba-dum dum. I will avoid the larger discussion of the issues surrounding the marketing of books through a single source distributor in this review and stick to the structure, intent and delivery of the book itself. The first chapter of Publishing with iBook Author by Nellie McKesson and Adam Witwer walks the reader through a look at the specific menu items and tools featured on screen. Continue reading

Canon Powershot G12: From Snapshots to Great Shots

This is an absolutely great book. Recommended on Amazon as I had purchased something G12 related in the past, I downloaded a sample chapter to the Kindle (a dangerous action at the best of times) and I was hooked. From Snapshots to Great Shots takes the very prudent and useful tact of assuming you already have the manual and want to go beyond … but here’s the rub, it doesn’t just go advanced … it bridges the gaps from manual and adopts a very practical and hands-on approach to taking great pictures. It doesn’t assume you just want to know how to use the camera…it teaches you how to use it to take great pictures. This may seem rather obvious but the approach of all too many manuals is simply directed at explaining every feature as opposed to identifying a use and explaining in simple, but applied terms how you accomplish it.  Continue reading