Kindle Fire: Out of the Box by Brian Sawyer

Well, hot off the digital press and lit­er­ally out of the box comes a handy manual for the Amazon Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire: Out of the Box provides a com­pre­hens­ive look at a vari­ety of the fea­tures of the Android-enabled Amazon tab­let. The volume is short and con­cise, but throughly addresses the Fire’s fea­tures. It is copi­ously illus­trated and provides a great over­view of what makes the Fire spe­cial. This is use­ful manual for those who pos­sible feel intim­id­ated by the rather unique Kindle Fire inter­face. As Saw­yer states, Amazon made a decision to ‘turn Android on its head’ and focus on con­tent deliv­ery and then put a cus­tom inter­face on top of Android that allows for access to the Android plat­form and a vari­ety of Amazon-ok’d apps through a sim­pli­fied user interface.

Does the Fire need a manual? Prob­ably for most people no, and this is why Amazon took the decision to include in the pack­age (in the Apple man­ner) a tiny get­ting star­ted pamph­let. There is addi­tional mater­ial provided as an ebook on the device itself. This manual picks up where the amazon ebook takes off looks at the con­fig­ur­a­tion and setup of the Fire, Books and News­tand, Videos and Music and finally Apps and web ser­vices. The gen­eral tone of the nar­rat­ive is peppy and sar­donic, but clear and as I men­tioned terse but makes copi­ous use of screen shots and graph­ics. There are call outs provid­ing hand­ily tips clearly iden­ti­fi­able and to the point. The volume ends rather sud­denly though and I was sur­passed that there was no con­clu­sion or dis­cus­sion of future steps or dir­ec­tions which would have been a great addition.

The book is clean, clear and a use­ful over­view of how to make the best use of a new Kindle Fire. Most users may not require the extra detail provided by this manual, but for those want­ing to make sure that they are exploit­ing all the excit­ing new pos­sib­il­it­ies of the Kindle Fire, this is a use­ful resource.


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