Month: October 2011

Big Data Glossary by Pete Warden

The *Big* Data Glossary is actually a relatively *short* book, best enjoyed as an eBook in my estimation. This volume is similar to a number of recent releases from O’Reilly that have moved from being deep and comprehensive to providing a higher-level taste-test overview from a more conceptual standpoint. In this instance, the Big Data […]

Designing Data Visulisations by Julie Steele and Noah Iliinsky

Insightful, substantive and a must read for anyone working with data visualisation as consumer or designer. Julie Steele andNoah Iliisky’s new volume – Designing Data Visualisations – from O’Reilly succeeds in applying a long overdue and well crafted taxonomic process to the art of Data Vis. Building on their previous volume – Beautiful Visualisations – […]