Month: September 2011

Revolution in the Valley by Andy Hertzfeld et al

Iconic and authentic. I remember being mildly amused by the first incarnation of Andy Hertzfeld’s collection of anecdotes when it was first published. Revolution in the Valley was an intriguing and engaging set of reminiscences by many of those involved in making the Macintosh a reality collected from Newly re-released in 2011 here I […]

Quick Guide to Flash Catalyst

Before I jump into the book I thought I would quickly note what my expectations are so that these are clear in the evaluation. Flash Catalyst is a high-level web development tool that allows for creation of flash-based web pages directly from Photoshop or Illustrator. Although these can be deployed to production environments from what […]

Anglo Republic by Simon Carswell

I wouldn’t typically review my more general reading material here, but Anglo Republic: Inside the Bank that Broke Ireland by Simon Carswell warranted an exception. A thoroughly satisfying and compelling read, Carswell documents the rise and fall of the bank demonised by the Irish media in a superb fashion. Eagerly anticipated, the volume brings together […]