Mastering the Nikon D7000 by Darrell Young

D700 Manual.gif Wow! This is the manual that should come with the camera. If you, like me, come away from the stock manual disappointed, frustrated, or just feeling that it simply leaves out all the practical ‘why’ type information…get this book. Coming on the heels of Young’s previous Mastering a variety of other Nikon DSLR’s this latest iteration is simply superb. Mastering the Nikon D7000 by Darrell Young goes deep on every single feature, switch, dial, bell, whistle and possibility that this camera offers the novice or advanced digital photographer.

One of the great strengths of this manual is the inclusion of the personal recommendations by the author at the end of each section. The author has a passion for digital camera craft and it comes through in his delivery of hints and tips. Each concept or function is dealt with from a summary, additional detail, full discussion method and this allows the use of the volume as a quick reference, or for more full reference and consideration. One allows the volume to be accessed quickly and the other to use it more as a custom guided tutorial in learning how to use the camera. Nice.

Coverage of the features is very extensive. Thorough really doesn’t describe it because much is based on really going beyond and considering how the camera functions in real-world use. Case in point, there are multiple card slots in the D7000 and Young makes the point of reminding the user that this function may apply to either card and be careful to know which you are addressing. That is typical of the above and beyond demonstrated in this book. The discussion ‘bubbles’ that are dotted throughout the volume extend the tutorials even further dealing in greater depth with real-world application and usage and offer valuable tips on other software or pieces of hardware that can augment the D7000 experience. ‘Chimper’ – brilliant! p.37.

The author’s personal experience really abounds throughout the very readable discussion. Although it is in many ways a walkthrough of features, the passion (as mentioned before) is really evident and makes this a superbly readable piece of work. It is well illustrated but really bright and bubbly – and I mean that in the most positive way – it really makes you want to read through – a real challenge when you are attempting to work with as much technical complexity that is conveyed. This book is the missing manual for this camera and ultimately a recommended read for both novice and advanced photographer alike. It is an excellent value to really help you get the value out of the camera itself and to drive you to really start to embrace the creative potential of the camera. Excellent!

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