Learning Perl (6th Edition) by Schwartz, Foy and Phoenix

learningPerl.gifLearning Perl (Sixth Edition) Is the latest iteration of the de facto standard for learning the basics of the PERL programming language. It has been lately updated to deal with the latest changes to the language remains a superb starting point for those with little or no programming experience. It assumes no prior experience and provides approachable, and well-explained hands-on examples, starting from installation of PERL on Windows, OSX or Linux-based systems.

Much like the superb cookbook series of volumes from O’Reilly, it approaches instruction in PERL from a hands-on specific task that you would want to accomplish way of instruction, that is is of particular value to those that appreciate self-paced instruction.

To augment the hands-on learning approach, short exercises are provided at the end of each compact chapter to reinforce in-chapter principles with answers to exercises provided at the end of the book. Directions for future learning are provided at the end of the book augmented by specific references to appropriate areas interest.

This book takes the learner to a solid level of competence in PERL and a stage to carry out many useful tasks in areas such as text processing or database manipulation. It will be useful to those with no programming experience and a need to carry out automated tasks for their own use as well as people familiar with Python or PHP requiring a rapid introduction to a different approach to similar programmatic structures.


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