Month: August 2011

Getting Started with GEO, CouchDB and Node.js by Mick Thompson

Why? Unfortunately I quickly come to this question and don’t get an answer when reading Getting Started with Geo, CouchDB and Node.js. The brief summary and end piece of the book enticed me. The premise appeared to be: today’s technology tells us where we are, so how can we best work with this locational data? […]

DIY Bookbinding by Brian Sawyer

What a great excursion down a wonderful project! A lovely, short, step-by-step brief, DIY Bookbinding by Brian Sawyer inspires the reader to attempt their own bookbinding project. Although only 32 pages in length, the author makes the process of binding together a collection of magazines into a durable hardcover tome quite approachable and achievable.

Learning SPARQL by Bob Ducharme

I really like an instructional book that begins with “Chapter2 provides some background on RDF, the semantic web, and where SPARQL fits in, but before going into that, let’s start with bit of hands-on experience writing and running SPARQL queries to keep the background part from looking too theoretical.” Great decision – great start. I […]

Learning Perl (6th Edition) by Schwartz, Foy and Phoenix

Learning Perl (Sixth Edition) Is the latest iteration of the de facto standard for learning the basics of the PERL programming language. It has been lately updated to deal with latest changes to the language remains a superb starting point for those with little or no programming experience. It assumes no prior experience and provides […]