Head First iPhone and iPad Development (2nd Edition)

s-1.gifHead First iPhone and iPad Development (Second Edition) provides an extremely accessible and approachable guide for those new to using tools such as Xcode to develop apps for iOS. As with other Head FIrst books, the approach is extremely graphically enhanced and takes the reader through a series of hands-on tutorials. General approach and processes are introduced and grounded through detailed and thorough discussion of real examples of apps worked through in each of the chapter sections.

The section on Natural interfaces is a unique and intriguing addition to the discussion – exploring real world UX questions through a discussion format. The complete cycle of user-centered design is demonstrated and promoted including Core Data and the integration of how to plug into the data streams provided as part of the iPhone or iPad hardware suite. Thinking of and using cameras and gps as part of innovative solutions are integral and well-handled as part of the demonstration app in this manual.

The crosswords are great. What a useful little way of turning the learning into games. The use of exercises and then walk throughs the solution to these ties up the chapters particularly well and makes for a solid learning solution.

This book is aimed at novices to iOS development. However, it does require some basic exposure in the use of Object C, which is beyond the scope of this book. Nonetheless, it approaches the start to finish development of iOS apps and does so in such a lyrically informal and fun way that this is definitely a recommended start for anyone considering getting into this booming area.


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