Take Control of Speeding Up Your Mac by Joe Kissell

s.gif Take Con­trol of Speed­ing Up Your Mac by Joe Kissell is one of a tri­um­vir­ate of step-by-step manu­als to keep your OSX based com­puter run­ning as advert­ised — or as close to that as pos­sible. Like his other two volumes on main­tain­ing and troubleshoot­ing your Mac, Kissell takes a sys­tem­atic approach to exam­ine the areas of soft­ware and hard­ware that can res­ult in slower per­form­ance of your com­puter than need be. The volume is thor­ough and comes with many recom­mend­a­tions on applic­a­tions for down­load to resolve issues and restore per­form­ance along with hard­ware tips that can boost exist­ing performance.

The volume is designed for a wide audi­ence from novice to expert and offers advice and explan­a­tions. Defin­i­tions are provided where neces­sary for begin­ners and fur­ther com­ment­ary aug­ments the dis­cus­sion where mavens may want to explore the implic­a­tions of recom­mend­a­tions fur­ther. The book is of value even if you con­sider your­self flu­ent in many of the prac­tises you would expect to mas­ter — partly neces­sit­ated by under­ly­ing changes to OSX over time which impact on per­form­ance, but also call for par­tic­u­lar means of address. It’s an easy volume to scan and hand­ily organised.

More of a sug­ges­tion than a com­plaint, but as many of the approaches to slow­downs are sytem­atic, it would improve the scanab­il­ity and use as a main­ten­ance volume to have greater use of low dia­grams or graph­ics that would help to strcu­ture the speed up rem­edy pro­cess. As it is the author relies on a largely tex­tual and nar­rat­ive approach, where many may find a point-form aug­men­ted with graph­ics to aid in the ‘diges­tion’ of the know­ledge. As I say a sug­ges­tion, as this in no way impairs the deliv­ery, I just sense it might be clearer was the judi­cious use of some decision dia­grams con­sidered. Recommended.


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