HTML5 Geolocation

geoloc.gifThe subtitle ‘Bringing Location to Web Applications’ is particularly apt to this thorough and useful volume. In HTML5 Geolocation Anthony Holdener takes a programmatic approach through full cycle, exploring the nature of location, the technicalities of goelocation and definition of the JS W3C Geolocation API. It goes beyond this mere definition of accessing the API to exploring the ways in which this information can then be utilised using a variety of the Mapping and geolocation API’s available as webservices and ways in which the data produced can be shared using existing standards.

The book is concise, but thorough, well constructed and logically arranged. The linear treatment of demonstrating what is involved, how it is implemented and the following this with discussion of why and where it is of value for consumers of the data is beautifully delivered. This book is intended for a seasoned web developer looking to add locational-based services to web applications. However, this is an excellent reference manual and can be read, I believe in multiple ways ways. As an overview introduction to the principles of geolocation it provides an level of information for the novice to understand broad principles. On a deeper level it describes the programmatic approach in the larger context of how the data will be used which lends itself to a web developers new to geospatial data. A valuable contribution to libraries of geospatial practitioners as well as web developers.


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