Techno Coolness

We all know I love my gad­gets. As I blogged earlier in the week one of the first things I picked up on blogthis.jpg arrival was a new dis­pos­able cell phone. I chose a little Sony Eric­sson 530i from <a href=“” target=_blank”> because it allowed unlim­ited Skype usage. I have been blown away by how well the Skype func­tion­lity is imple­men­ted on this phone and the mobile itself has demon­strated a few other neat fea­tures. My ori­ginal plan was to get the cheapest thing I could for the interim and purely util­it­arian con­sid­er­a­tions. Then come July 11th pon­der the 3G iPhone. How­ever, I have to admit that I am rather pleas­antly sur­prised by the little 530i. Its a solid little phone and pure candy bar form factor. I am glad to be back to candy­bars and from exper­i­ence will not use a slider or a flip in the future. I put a crys­tal case on the 530i to pro­tect the screen (exper­i­ence with my last SE).
The cam­era on the 530i is a com­mon 2Mb. I love hav­ing a cam­era with me at all times and the res­ult­ing pho­tos are quite fine. Being able to bluetooth these back and forth with my Mac­Book Pro is bril­liantly con­veni­ent. And then I noticed that the photo menu offered an option to Blog This…
When I pressed the blog this but­ton it was clearly linked to blog­ger and I figured (intriguing) I’ll attach this to my exist­ing blog­ger account at some point and try this. As it turns out its much easier than this and I am very impressed.
To blog one’s life on a Sony Eric­sson 530i with 3, you snap a pic, choose blog this and leave the rest to the phone. cre­ates a brand new blog on blog­ger for you, uploads the pic­ture and then emails to your phone a spe­cial token. The phone is now linked to this blog. You claim your token via a browser and are then given the option of per­son­al­ising the blog that was auto­cre­ated or simply link­ing the incom­ming posts to an exist­ing blog. I happened to have an old one sit­ting around (Napo­leon­ic­Tour­ist…unused since 2006). I poin­ted to this one and lo and behold there was the pic (not too excit­ing as I grabbed an image of the wood floor in the apart­ment). How­ever, this is a very slick and smooth pro­cess. It would be very cool if I could send it to my own wp blog, but haven’t figured this one out yet…maybe. But as it stands…very cool and I am going to play with this, see what hap­pens and make a little richer for every post ;-)