Month: March 2008

Noise in the Bloggosphere

As I read through my RSS feeds in Google Reader today, I was once again struck by the increasing number of familiar headlines. By this I don’t mean similar themes continue to be explored (although true – Hilary is clearly a bad, bad, bad woman and John McCain throws kittens into wells), but rather that […]

Life and Death In Bruges

Bruges at Christmas time. A lovely medieval preserved town with a festive spirit and now blessed with two hit men laying low at a quaint hotel. How can one react to this movie? In Bruges is a treat!! Characterization and the characters are superb. Dialogue is witty and fast paced. The scenery of Bruges is […]

Kathy Garay on Manufacturing Majesty, 1207-2007

Dr. Kathy Garay of the McMaster Library gave a lively and fast-paced talk exploring the nature of majesty to the Medieval and Early Modern Research Group. Her paper,”Manufacturing Majesty: Elizabeth of Hungary, Diana of England and the Construction of Royal Saints, 1207-2007,” reflected on the rather striking similarities between St. Elizabeth of Hungary and Lady […]