iSync: Slow Sync but Steady Progress

Yes, iSync has been with us for few years now. It should be rock solid. It’s not — yet. I recently wrote about my impres­sions of data detect­ors. Not rocket sci­ence, iSync.jpg but a small and power­ful addi­tion to use­ful work­flow on a Mac. That they also remind me of the prom­ise that was the New­ton makes them all the more wel­come. But what can I say about iSync? One of the things that makes OSX such a com­pel­ling choice for day to day com­put­ing is the con­sist­ency of inter­face between applic­a­tions and their abil­ity to share information…not just data, but con­texts and pref­er­ences and thus recog­ni­tion and adapt­ab­il­ity to user pecu­li­ar­it­ies that anthro­po­moph­ise the laptop. The com­puter becomes some­how just some­thing a little more. A trus­ted com­pan­ion — not merely a clone of mil­lions of other identical col­lec­tions of alu­minum, sil­icon and other substances.

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