Month: December 2007

Shiode on Dynamic Urban Visualization

Naru Shiode from the University at Buffalo gave a spellbinding presentation on spatial-temporal analysis at the Centre for Spatial Analysis (CSpA) on Friday. Shiode is trained as architect and urban planner and finds himself in the Geography department at Buffalo. He has been associated with projects such as Digital Egypt and the Virtual Ryoanji projects […]

Crazy German Kids? Movie

Was out to the kino to catch something that I could claim as some degree of exposure to the German media scene. The redlight district probably could have provided some special, ;-) experiences, but went the other way. What are the kids watching – something German only. I found ‘Lissi und der wilde kaiser. It […]

Mücheners and English

One thing that really strikes me and I’m not sure I was as conscious of it before was that English holds a strange place here. There is the unique fascination with certain words that seem totem and symbolic rather than literal. In many cases, the words chosen have no context in English (don’t make sense), […]