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    I agree that students are lazy, but also I think some professors can become more interactive which will keep students paying attension. The world is a very active place these days and then to go sit in a class for two hours where the teacher just talks it puts you to sleep. Even if you do the reading it feels like being in class is a waist of time sometimes. If a teacher is more active like letting you ask questions or put in some input or simply just walk around instead of standing in one spot, then students will pay more attension. My view on the lap top part is that I am glad my professors don’t let you use them unless you tell them ahead of time a valid reason. If they didn’t do this kids would deffinatley be distracted because thats how kids are. A more interactive classroom results in a better learning environment. I think there has been studies proving this too.

  2. @sarah. Thanks for your comment Sarah. I agree with you absolutely that this is a two way street. I think this is what the video that this is a transcript of is also suggesting. Those instructing must engage and this means keeping up with the multitude of technical distractions exist in student’s lives.
    Interactivity is crucial. I agree with you. Finding ways to encourage this rests with the lecturer and all too often it is lacking.

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